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Health & Wellbeing  
Community of Practice

The UCITY Family Zone Health & Wellbeing Community of Practice (H&W CoP) aims to unite and engage UCITY Family Zone residents and organizations with a common interest in preventing disease and promoting health and well-being among UCITY Family Zone communities.

The Health & Wellbeing CoP meets every month to engage in discussions, learning, and collaborative approaches for promoting health across the life course among our UCITY Family Zone communities. Together, we aim to share knowledge and partner to support community-based strategies for addressing the social determinants of health in ways that contribute to improvements in UCITY Family Zone residents’ health and quality of life outcomes measurably and sustainably.



  • Health Education and Literacy

  • Ensuring Equitable Access to Quality Healthcare Services and Resources

  • Community-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Building Community Health Capacity and Supporting Self-Health Management


Community Members:

  • Academy for Research on Community Health, Engagement, and Services (ARCHES), UNC-Charlotte

  • Atrium North Park Clinic

  • Camino Clinic

  • Care Ring

  • Charlotte Community Health Clinic

  • UNC- Charlotte

  • Mental Health America

Health & Wellbeing CoP Facilitator:


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