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Who We Are 

The UCITY Family Zone is a place-based partnership for improving the quality of life in neighboring communities in and around University City.  Through collaboration with a wide range of community partners, the UCITY Family Zone is improving the daily living, learning, and working conditions of individuals and families throughout the community.  We accomplish these goals by addressing the social determinants of health, enhancing social connectivity and health equity, and empowering community leaders and organizations.    

UCITY Family Zone Impact Report

January 2020-June 2021

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Individuals in the UCITY Family Zone area are at the highest risk of poverty-related illnesses and early death due to social and demographic characteristics.

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The UCITY Family Zone is a continuous geographical area surrounding UNC Charlotte. It is comprised of multiple organizations and is home to 53,430 residents in an area of 17.68 square miles.

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