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Alonzo Hill
Zolingo's Spice for Life
Mobile: (240) 393-5515

Hill, Alonzo

President / Owner/ Chef at Zolingo's Spice for Life

Alonzo Hill, Health Enthusiast, is well known for his smile, pleasant demeanor and care for the well-being of others. Alonzo grew up on a farm in Southern Maryland. Alonzo is the third oldest of seven siblings. He and his family grew and processed their own, vegetables, livestock, and tobacco. By the age of fifteen, he developed a desire to be a computer operator. He became a Computer operator by the age of twenty. Alonzo left Southern Maryland to get his degree in engineering. After earning his Engineering Degree, he remained in the DC Metropolitan, as a Special Police Officer with Brinks Inc. Due to his background in electronics, he was chosen to be one of the first ATM technicians in the area. Not long after, he was offered an opportunity by the manufacturer of the ATM machines, Diebold Inc. He spent seventeen years moving his way through the ranks as a Customer Service Engineer I, II, III and Customer Service Manager where he managed a multi-million-dollar department with an average of twenty direct reports. In addition to his career. Alonzo also served his community as President and Vice - President of the Tantallon Square Area Civic Association creating programs and community relationships. However, suffering from Crohn’s Disease changed the course of. After coming close to death, Alonzo took significant steps to seek a healthier lifestyle. Looking for solutions through research and nutrition courses, Alonzo discovered that most ailments could be healed or prevented by simple practices tailored to your condition that will improve the quality of your life. ​As a result, Alonzo is free of synthetic medications and chooses a lifestyle that is more beneficial to his well-being. Wanting to share this vital information, Alonzo developed “Zolingo’s Spice For Life.” He has made this life-changing information available to help many seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Since moving to Charlotte he has worked as the Sunset Community Farm and Market as Director of Operations, UCITY Family Zone Steering Committee Member & Co-leads Food Insecurity Community of Practice. Working in association with University City Partners on UC Farmer's Market. Alonzo also writes a monthly article in The A.M.E. Star of Zion newspaper and is managing the "Health is Wealth" project 3-part series.

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