Pat Martinez, CEO

CEO / Leadership Strategist
Leadership in the Clouds™
525 N Tryon Street, 16 th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202
Office: 704-444- 8395 / Mobile: 704-258- 8688

Pat Martinez is a prolific community leader, and an advocate for building social capital. Since arriving in Charlotte 20 years ago, Pat has been involved, developed and lead community building initiatives across Charlotte and within the Latino Community. She believes that its through intentional collaboration and community engagement that we can ignite change. To drive social capital building efforts across UC she launched “Building the Tapestry We Call Home” to help facilitating connections and community participation. The goal is to build connections that work to decrease the feeling of isolation to promote well-being of a community.  Pat owns a management consulting firm Leadership in the Clouds™ where they ignite innovation and create environments for success. Clients are non-profits, privately owned businesses and Fortune 1000 companies.  She is the founder and Chair of the National Council for Leadership. They transform students through leadership training to impact the future multicultural community. Their program “A Game Plan for Life©” addresses real and perceived inequities, increases cultural awareness, provides leadership skills, facilitate avenues of positive change, and promotes community engagement.  Pat’s book “Success in Mind,” provides 8 ways to effectively manage and develop the competitive edge. She is engaged in local and national directorships, affiliations, advisory roles and she serves on NC Governor’s Commission on Inclusion. Pat holds a BS degree in Political Science from Rutgers University, has professional training in Paralegal Studies, Professional Behavioral & Motivators Analyst, and Community Problem-Solving Skills for Civic Leadership. She’s a Certified Trainer -Bridges Out of Poverty, Professional Life Coach, CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach, Stress Management Life Coaching and she's working on her Master of Science in Management and Leadership.

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